Hotels Prepare for Rowdy Coachella Crowds

Hotels Prepare for Rowdy Coachella Crowds


Indio, CA

With 125,000 expected for Coachella weekend two, hotels are packed. They can charge top dollar for rooms but hotels are faced with several challenges. One of them being security.

While most Coachella heads get their partying and fist pumping done at the polo fields, sometimes the party spills over into the hotels where the concert goers are staying. Hotel management teams are well aware of the spill over and they’re getting ready for it.

One hotel said, "Completely sold out. We sold out for both Coachella weekends about three hours after the tickets went on sale back in January."

The type of crowd at hotels during Coachella weekend is a little different than usual. "A younger crowd. They’re here to have a bunch of fun. They come from all over the world. They just want to out there to Coachella fest and have a blast. The only challenge is when they all come back at 3:00 AM. That’s very different for a hotel because most people at a resort, They go to bed around 11:00 PM because they’ve been out to dinner. But these people come back and are having a great time."

That can be a problem. If the party gets a little too out of hand the hotel staff at the Palm Mountain Resort and Spa have a rule. Three strikes and you’re out. "We manage it very well and we keep on top of it. If you let a situation get out of control then you’ve got a problem on your hands."

Drinking and swimming can be extremely dangerous. So the resort closes their pool at 11:00 PM. Some hotels are also beefing up security.

 "Especially during Coachella we’ll have security on each of the streets and the back gates. And they are not invasive at all. They’re just kind of their helping us out in case we have anybody trying to come on property that shouldn’t be on property."

Those who want to make a last minute trip out to the desert for Coachella this weekend, get ready to pay up. A room at Motel Six will normally run you about $50 a night. This weekend, you could pay around $250 a night for that same room.