Local Tennis Pro-Am Tournament Raises Thousands for Junior Programs

Local Tennis Pro-Am Tournament Raises Thousands for Junior Programs


Palm Desert, CA

This past Sunday, the 3rd Annual Rosie Casals and Jackie Cooper Team Tennis Pro-Am and love tennis foundation brought former pro’s, future stars, and community members together to raise funds for local junior tennis programs. They told us how the sport has grown in our valley and how the foundation helps.

Beth Ramos, the head of operations had this to say, "I noticed at the different clubs that I get to visit, that you see a lot more tennis. As many courts that there are, there’s got to be a need for that many people. Former assistant tournament director of the BNP Paribas Open, Dee Dee Felich was honored for her dedication to growing tennis and is excited about the growth in our valley"

Dee Dee Felich said, "There have been so many people over the years who have been adding tennis courts. Bill Bone is one of them, building the beautiful Indian Ridge Country Club. But non-profit organizations like the Love & Love Tennis Foundation are critical. Especially in an area like this where tennis is so popular. The valley is so wide spread and the great thing about this foundation is that it not only provides equipment and clinics and coaching but also helps those juniors who might be a little older and a little bit more competitive and it helps with their expenses when they travel, you know it might even be from one end of the Coachella Valley to the other because we have so many events here but also outside of the valley in Southern California."

Taylor Johnson is one of those juniors that travel to the Coachella Valley to train with Rosie Casals. "I definitely think tennis should grow in the desert I mean there are courts everywhere and I mean it’s so nice out here. It’s growing a lot and it needs to keep growing. I hope that kids keep picking up a racket and start playing because we need the sport to grow so it’s really nice that Rosie does this."

Doctor Raj Sinha of Star Orthopedic has been a sponsor of the pro-am since the beginning. "I used to do a sports radio show here in the desert and I used to talk about how the USTA has not grown enough home grown talent. If you look at the international stage of course there are not enough Americans so programs like this are so critical to be able to grow local talent and encourage them to actually go on to bigger and better things."

Today, Rosie said they made $25,000 from the pro-am. So over the past three years, they’ve raised close to $100,000 for local junior tennis programs.