Desert CrossFit Changes Lives For Better and for Longer

Desert CrossFit Changes Lives For Better and for Longer


Palm Desert, CA

It is the only CrossFit program for the senior population and the owner thinks that’s probably the most important population that really needs this kind of program. What people know about CrossFit is that it’s so intense and such a young persons game that they wouldn’t possibly be able to do it . And it took one courageous woman to really define it really is for everyone.

Jean Stewart is an 87 year old who regularly does CrossFit and dominates it. "I felt physically I reached the age of eighty and I felt that I saw people around me sitting and doing nothing and I felt that I needed to do and keep up. At the beginning I couldn’t pick up a 24 pound package of cat litter and when I go into Cotsco now and pick up 43 pounds of cat litter. The gentleman just smiles at me and asks, do you want help? And I’ll say no thank you, I can do it myself. I come 3 days a week. Some days it’s hard to get up and get out and get here but it proves I mean all of the people here, they’re wonderful. The encouragement from each other, the dancing."

The founder of Desert CrossFit is Cheryl Cohen, "When people are working we get some back up dancers and people are stopping and they’re singing and they’re playing. It’s awesome, it’s really really fun. I think the reason that this population is in here is so pure. People don’t want to get ripped abs or big biceps, they want to be able to maintain independence until they are very very very old."

Jean thinks she wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for CrossFit, "I wouldn’t be alive today if it hadn’t been for CrossFit. So I’m 87 years old going on 88. I feel like I’ll go on probably over 100."

If anyone of any age is interested in CrossFit you can give Cheryl a call or go online at "" to try a class for free.