Stagecoach Festival Goers Keep the Party Alive

Stagecoach Festival Goers Keep the Party Alive


Indio, CA

While wristbands didn’t sell out this year thousands still carried on their tradition of RV camping in the desert. The stars and stripes strung, music cranked up and the beer is ice cold.

If you thought recovery was the name of the game, you thought wrong. "Sunday Funday" started early at Indian Waters RV Resort.

"Don’t mind us its only 9am, " joked Ryan Foley from the Bay Area. "It is definitely a marathon not a sprint, so hydrate: water, Gatorade, then beer and cocktails."

And while Stagecoach festival may not has sold out this year the honky tonk is still on.

"We are full here; we’re almost at capacity," said Laura Madison , the activity coordinator at Indian Waters RV Resort. "There were some people that fell out of the lineup at Stagecoach but we have very loyal guests that come back. 

Several people came just to stay at our park, they don’t even have tickets to Stagecoach, they just wanted to stay here and party here."

Stagecoach Sunday marks the end of the 3 week festival series which means its time to get ready for next year.

"Ride your bikes, bandanas for the dirt and dust," Raelyn Wyrick & Marie Hess from Orange County advised. "We did ride our bikes and bypass all the traffic coming out of the parking lot."