My Thai Athlete of the Week: Seline Schinke

My Thai Athlete of the Week: Seline Schinke


If it wasn’t for transferring to Palm Desert High School, senior Seline Schinke may have never competed in track and field.

“My coach sophomore year, he told me about it (track and field)”, Schinke explained. “When he came to Palm Desert from Palm Valley. I was also at Palm Valley, he was my basketball coach. He told me to do track and field instead of softball because I previously did softball and he didn’t want me sitting out for track and field.”

Having to sit out comes from the CIF transfer guidelines which has a sit out period for families who do not move into the new schools boundaries.

"My first day of track and field my sophomore year, my mom picked me up,” Schinke said. “I got in the car and said Mom I love what I’m doing. I’m running, I’m jumping and I’m throwing all at the same time.”

"She is the most coachable athlete I’ve ever had,” Palm Desert track and field coach Adam Emmer said. “She’ll see somebody else doing an event and she’ll go coach what do you think about me running the eight hundred? Well ok yeah I think you could run the eight hundred, let’s put you in the eight hundred. Or she will say I want to try discus and she goes out and throws a DVL qualifying throw in practice her first day out.”

"Whenever I see somebody excel I’m like, wow I want to do that too,” Schinke explained. “I want to try that. I’m just eager and I’m willing to do anything.”

And that attitude has led her to qualifying for seven CIF events.

"I qualified for the 4×100, 400, long jump, high jump, 800, 400, and discus." Schinke listed.

Shinke can only compete in four at CIFs and chose 4×100, 400, long jump, and high jump.

Shinke has been breaking records since her sophomore year but it’s been a constant trend in long jump this season.

"I’ve broken my long jump record seven times." Shinke said.

Going into DVL finals, Shinke held the schools long jump record at 17-7 but that changed on day one of finals.

"My coach said eighteen-two and a quarter and we both just screamed. My dad was there and mom. We all yelled and everybody hugged me, it was great. It was a great moment."

"I knew that was a big jump and I knew right away that was farther than she ever gone,” Palm Desert track and field jump coach David Sterling explained. “I knew she could jump eighteen feet and I know she has more in her. We’re going to continuing to look for great things moving forward here and into CIF."