First ever Jansen Cup to tee off at Desert Willow Golf Resort

First ever Jansen Cup to tee off at Desert Willow Golf Resort


FootGolf. It’s exactly as it sounds. The combination of soccer and golf, on a golf course. Although it may sound new to you, the sport is nothing new to Desert Willow Golf Resort in Palm Desert, as it is home to the American FootGolf League.

"Desert Willow brought in FootGolf a couple of years ago and they just thought it was a great fit,” explained Laura Balestrini, President of American FootGolf League. “They actually reached out to us and asked if we wanted to have more of a working partnership. We started the discussion and of course how could you say no when you’ve got this."

And now the resort will be home to FootGolf’s first Jansen Cup. Like the Ryder Cup of golf, twenty-four top players from Great Britain and the United States will compete.

"This is our inaugural year so it’s our first edition of it.” Balestrini said. “Michael Jansen is the creator of FootGolf so we decided to call it the Jansen cup."

One of Desert Willow’s own helped bring the sport to the resort.

"I think that there’s also room for some soccer players on the golf course and this is a great new sport,” explained Darrell Souza, Director of Golf at Desert Willow. “It’s challenging, brings new people to golf courses and the game of golf, it’s really exciting."

If you can’t go catch some of the Jansen Cup, you can try the sport another day at the resort.

"We see families and kids coming out to play all the time,” said Jason Wilkinson, Tournament Director at Desert Willow. “The tee sheet opens up after 3pm and we let them go out to the Mountain View course and have at it."

Regardless if you can make the tournament, history will be made.

"I think forty years from now people are going to look back on this tournament and say wow that was the beginning of the Jansen Cup,” explained Balestrini. “And now it’s a tradition that’s been going on for forty years, so I think it gave the sport a real foundation to have something like this competition take place."

The competition tees off Tuesday, May 23 at 8am and goes on until Wednesday, May 25.