98-Year-Old Woman Breaks Louisiana State Skydiving Record


A 98-year-old woman has broken a Louisiana State skydiving record.

Sara Simmonds got the idea to skydive back in March and rounded up a group of seven friends to do it with her, but she did it with a purpose in mind.

Simmonds got the local rotary club to support her jump raising $4,000 for the National Guard’s Youth Challenge Program.

Simmonds is no stranger to helping out the community.

In 2004, she founds the Apple Pie Brigade. A small, but very patriotic group of friends who hand out apple pies to soldiers deploying and returning home from combat.

The staff at Skydive Louisiana in Gilliam say Simmonds broke a state record as the oldest skydiver in the state. Her response to the news? "Woo!"