Pool Experts Say Electrocution is Preventable

Pool Experts Say Electrocution is Preventable


Palm Desert, CA

On a hot day at the pool, relaxing and having fun with family is the only thing on Jon Owens’ mind.

But taking a dip can be dangerous if your pool isn’t properly maintained.

The General Maintenance Director at Sun City Palm Desert, said they make sure to check their pools on a daily basis.

"One thing you don’t want is electricity and water. They don’t mix very well they’re like oil and vinegar."

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The owner of Automated Aquatics, Ted Richards, said they mix more often than you might think.

"Hand rails obviously, you’re going to go to your pool lights, pool equipment room, heaters, and pumps. So whenever the pool is running, if you don’t have proper grounding, this is when a shock can occur," Richards explained.

Firefighters suggest hopping on two feet away from the electricity source if you feel like you’re being shocked. If someone else is being shocked, the only thing you can do to help is cut the power.

"The homeowner would run to their electrical panel and just kill all the breakers," Richards said.

Owens says knowing that he could be shocked taking a dip, makes him think twice about swimming, but won’t stop him from enjoying it. 

"It’s scary to think of that, but you try not to dwell on it too much because life is about having fun you know," Owens exclaimed.