La Quinta Crash Victim’s Mother Seeks Answers in Daughters Death

La Quinta Crash Victim’s Mother Seeks Answers in Daughters Death


La Quinta, CA

Rosa Lopez has so many questions about the day her daughter, 34-year-old Michelle Manriquez, died. She was inside of that 1999 Ford Expedition, the driver who crashed the SUV left her daughter alone and helpless.

"Escaped from the scene, leaving my daughter right there, thinking she was probably still alive and he just left her there," said Lopez.

Manriquez was the passenger inside during the accident. She and the driver were driving down Highway 111 when he apparently ran off the road, hit a boulder and flipped his car.

But rewind back to minutes before this accident happened. Manriquez’s mother says her daughter stopped in to see her before that accident on memorial day but she was asleep. When she woke up though, that’s when she says she heard about what happened.

Lopez says she hasn’t seen her daughters body to confirm its even her, so she’s having a hard time accepting the reality of the terrible crash.

"Could it be somebody else, not my daughter because they don’t even ask me, she has tattoos, something to identify her," said Lopez.

Lopez says her daughter and the man were just friends but she says a friend, wouldn’t have left Manriquez to die.

"Any person knows who he is, please step out, come out and say who he is…i just want some answers…please," said Lopez.

The driver of that SUV is still on the run as police actively search for him.