Palm Desert Neighborhood Target Of Hooligan Vandalism

Palm Desert Neighborhood Target Of Hooligan Vandalism


Palm Desert, CA

An entire neighborhood in Palm Desert appears to be the target of hooligan vandalism and it’s costing residents big bucks.

Tiffany Page lives in the neighborhood and said she got a knock at her door at around 5 am. 

"It was a Sheriff at my door to tell me that someone had shot out our drivers side window," said Page.

Police say it looks like the vandals are using a pellet gun and shooting out car windows. At least ten cars were hit and the street is littered with shattered glass. Some people had eggs thrown at car. 

"My husbands passenger and driver side window on the side were smashed in. Looked like they also took something and hit the front bumper, it was cracked and dented," said neighborhood resident Tiffany Robinson.

Other people had their mailboxes knocked over. All of this is happening between two and four o’clock in the morning. Nothing was stolen but the damage is hitting people in the wallet. 

"Honestly I think it’s just some kids that want to go have some fun. And Unfortunately it’s costing people a lot of money. And it’s not fun for us," said Page.

This isn’t the first time people in the neighborhood have experienced this sort of thing … A few months ago … Several people had the tires on their cars slashed … One man told me it cost him five hundred dollars … 
others were luckier …

"Our deductible is only going to be around a hundred bucks but if we hadn’t had insurance or we hadn’t had full coverage it would several hundred dollars to repair."