Popular Buffet Restaurant Shut Down After Health Code Violations

Popular Buffet Restaurant Shut Down After Health Code Violations


Rancho Mirage, CA

A restaurant in Rancho Mirage was temporarily shut down Wednesday after a health code inspection revealed some serious violations.

Emperor Buffet’s assistant manager James Hung had no problem showing KMIR News around the kitchen where health inspectors say they found cockroach infestations.   

"It was under the prep table. After that we called pest control. They came and fixed it," said Hung.

Within four hours after it was closed and pest control killed the roaches, the grill was sizzling again. But the restaurant’s health code rating went from "A" to "B." Health department officials say minor violations like dirty equipment, worn cutting boards and dirty walls, all found at Emperor Buffet, are only a deduction of one or two points. But it’s the cockroaches, unsanitary surfaces and dirty utensils that were the biggest problems. 

Even though the restaurant went from an "A" to a "B" rating, it doesn’t seem to be affecting their business. Costumers say they don’t mind the rating because they figure most kitchens have issues anyway. 

VJ and Ted Pethes drive all the way from Indio to have lunch at Emperors Buffet. They don’t mind the "B" rating.

"I used to work on a cruise ship and there’s not a cruise ship around without bugs on it. So as long as they don’t show up in my food," said restaurant patron VJ Pethes.

For now they’re still chopping chicken and frying the fish. When they are inspected again next week they hope their "B" will again become and "A."

"Restaurant goal is everybody has healthy food and then we will get an "A" again," said Hung.