Father and Daughter Makes Hole-In-One on Same Hole at Rancho Mirage Course

Father and Daughter Makes Hole-In-One on Same Hole at Rancho Mirage Course


Rancho Mirage, CA

Can you believe there are actually websites to calculate the likelihood of a hole-in-one on the golf course?  

One of those websites shows the chances of an average golfer making an ace at approximately 12,000 to 1. So clearly it’s special. But, how about a father and daughter making one on the same hole?

For Donna Summers, it’s very special. "Early on growing up my dad played golf so I think he took us out to the driving range when we were little to give my mom a repreve and we played a little growing up."

"She was naturally not a real good golfer when she started and we played a lot of golf out here, explains her father, Bill Corcoran. "I told her, now look it, if you ever beat me out here, you’re history because you’ll never come back out and play here again. She just started doing that lately so she may not come back."

Not only is Donna now beating her father at the game he taught her, but back on May 26th, at Sunrise Country Club in Rancho Mirage, Donna scored a hole-in-one on the 17th hole. The same hole her father made a hole-in-one back in December 2011.

"I was playing with some great friends and having a great day. I hit the ball and they all saw it go in, I didn’t see and they verified it," says Donna

Bill tells us, "I couldn’t believe it, I said you’re lying. Anyway somebody else verified it so I said okay, you got it."

"Donna got up on the tee with her seven iron and she hit a really really nice, pretty high shot," witness Jeanne Bihm said. "It took one bounce and started rolling and hit the flag stick direct. It dropped in the hole and we all started hooting and hollering, except for Donna who didn’t see it go in because she doesn’t see that far."

But for these two, making a hole-in-one is nothing new. Donna has made 4 and her father Bill has made 3. They say there’s no secret to it. It’s just simply luck.

"It’s an unusual, very lucky shot. You aim for it every time you go out to play but like us here, it only happens about every five years," says Bill.

"Well not once every five years, it could be once in a lifetime. You know, go out and have fun playing golf. And it truly is all luck but it’s a lot of fun," Donna says.

Now there is a national hole-in-one registry online and although it is hard to trust that everyone who has ever made a hole-in-one has recorded it, it shows no recording of both a father and daughter make one on the same hole. More golf history may have been made in the valley.