Talented Cathedral City Band Heading to Australia

Talented Cathedral City Band Heading to Australia


Cathedral City, CA

Students are counting the hours as school wraps up at Cathedral City High School this week, but another group of teens are counting the days until they take a trip of a lifetime in July.

"I will still in 8th grade so it was like unreal, and it still feels like are we really going," said Trinity Reyes, who plays the bassoon in the Symphony Band.

They’re beginning the summer on a high note, after years of practice, planning and fundraising, the cathedral city high school symphony band is going to Sydney, Australia.

"We’ll actually be the only band from the US there, representing the United States at the Australia International Music Festival in Sydney. We get to play at the Sydney Opera House," said Matthew Howe, Cathedral City Director of Bands.

An amazing venue for a group of 57 truly dedicated teens.

"I try to practice every day, about eight hours a week, eight to ten and it’s really fun, most of my day is spent here practicing too during lunch, during after school," said Edgar Leyva, who plays the French horn in Symphony Band.

They worked in harmony spending years fundraising, and to that end they’ll be at Palm Springs Villagefest  next Thursday.

"The jazz will be there and we’ll be raising money to get those last minute costs for us for Australia to happen," said Howe.

They have about $6,000 in final costs before the long flight.
"14 hours on the plane? So I don’t think I’m looking forward to that part," said Reyes.
"I think I’m bringing movies, and a lot of music," said Leyva.

One note at a time, they spent years preparing for an unforgettable moment that’s striking a chord for these students.

"I’m really looking forward to playing at the Sydney Opera House, that’s really going to be a great experience, one in a lifetime," said Reyes.