Splash House Brings In Late Season Visitors To Palm Springs

Splash House Brings In Late Season Visitors To Palm Springs


Palm Springs, CA

Splash House 2017 is in full swing this weekend. This year’s three-day long pool party festival is located at the Saguaro, the Renaissance and the Riviera hotels in Palm Springs.

Jameson Baker flew from Tampa, FL to party at the Saguaro.

"This is the best house, there’s three houses. I met all of our neighbors, these are my neighbors, my best friends. I met them yesterday," Baker said.

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But not everyone at the party is young. Howard Giffis, 70, has been going to Splash House for the last several years.

"It’s just fun to show people that there might not be tomorrow, and you might as well get the exercise," Giffis said about why he still likes going to concerts.

"They all come up to me and say, ‘I want to be like you when I grow up,’ and that’s really a pat on the back," he said.

Splash House brings in hundreds of partiers from all over, which is good for local businesses.

"It can be a little crazy. Last night was full all night, well past midnight," Geof Wood, a bartender at Smokin’ Burgers said.

A hair salon across the street from the Saguaro even gets more businesses during Splash House

"When splash house is here, I would say we increase for the weekend about 30-40 extra people that we wouldn’t normally get," said Yasmin Espinoza, the assistant manager at Great Clips.

But the best part about Splash House for some isn’t what you can buy.

"I just want to have fun and be glad I’m alive," Griffis exclaimed.