Large Pack Of Stray Dogs Roam Desert Hot Springs Neighborhood

Large Pack Of Stray Dogs Roam Desert Hot Springs Neighborhood


Desert Hot Springs, CA

People in a Desert Hot Springs neighborhood say they’re concerned after seeing a large pack of stray dogs roaming around their homes.

Even though they are known as man’s best friend, when they are in a pack they can be intimidating.

"Usually I walk my dogs in the afternoons so it was kind of terrifying a little bit because my dogs are very protective over us so I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been a good idea to walk them that day," said neighborhood resident Diana Zazueta.

When she heard her dogs barking Zazueta sent her husband to see what was going on and even he felt uneasy about the pack of strays wandering in the neighborhood.

"He told me he’d seen ten or more dogs outside and he went out there but he said he was too afraid to go out since there were too many," said Zazueta.

Afraid with good reason. People in the area counted between 15 and 20 dogs. Suzanne Reeves of La Quinta knows very well the danger of strays. She was walking her dog in the La Quinta cove when her small dog was attacked by a bigger stray.

"The dog came out behind us and my dog is on a leash, of course. And he grabbed my dog by the throat and killed him," Reeves said.

She tried to pull the stray dog off of her pet but didn’t succeed.

"He didn’t even bite me. He wasn’t interested in me. He was intent on killing my dog," Reeves said.