‘Skate For George’, A Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

‘Skate For George’, A Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition


Palm Springs, CA

Cory Skyler Drouillard, America’s former National Inline Speed Skating Champion, will begin his "Skate For George" skating the Lewis and Clark Trail at the steps of the nation’s capital in Washington D.C. where President Thomas Jefferson was awarded $2,500.00 for his Lewis and Clark Expedition of which Cory Skyler’s descendant George Drouillard received $500.00 of the budget, making him the highest paid member of the Expedition.

Cory Skyler Drouillard will skate a distance of 2,890 miles over a period of six months concluding the "Skate For George" at Trails End in Seaside, Oregon. During June through December 2017 Cory Skyler Drouillard will skate 100 cities, towns, and hamlets in preparation for his 2,980 mile "Skate For George" in 2018.

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Those early authors in their rush to tell the people about the greatest adventure in American history overlooked the role George Drouillard played and performed. Meriwether Lewis in his verbal report to President Jefferson stated, "If not for George Drouillard we would have never survived."

Cory Skyler Drouillard is skating to awaken the historian, author, and filmmaker not to make the same mistake when conveying the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Cory Skyler Drouillard has said, "The Expedition began with George Drouillard hired as the highest paid member of the Expedition and concluded with him guiding the Corp of Discovery to the Pacific Ocean."