50 Desert Kittens Saved and Relocated to Oregon

50 Desert Kittens Saved and Relocated to Oregon


Thousand Palms, CA

Fifty homeless kittens from the Coachella Valley now have a second chance at life at the Oregon Humane Society in Portland.

Volunteers from Animal Samaritans’ Highway Heroes pet transport program drove 50 eight-to-ten week old shelter kittens in Animal Samaritans’ rescue van from the Coachella Valley to Yreka, a small town in Northern California. 

The kittens stayed the night at an area pet hotel and were picked up by the Oregon Humane Society, who drove them another 5 hours north to Portland.

The 1,600 miles round trip journey for the Desert drivers is one of labor and love. This is the second rescue to Oregon, from the No-Kill Coachella Valley group.

Last month, 18 at risk dogs were transported to the Oregon Humane Society. During 2016, 180 kittens and 30 dogs from Desert shelters were transferred to the animal rescue partner in Oregon.