Indio Beer Robbery Leads to Pursuit and Two Juveniles Arrested, One Wanted

Indio Beer Robbery Leads to Pursuit and Two Juveniles Arrested, One Wanted


Indio, CA

Two juveniles have been arrested and one is still on the run after allegedly stealing beer from the AM/PM store on Highway 111 in Indio.

The call came in at 3:32 AM when the three juveniles entered the store according to police. They say the clerk attempted to stop them but was assaulted in the process. Police believe one of the juveniles fired a shot from a handgun. The clerk was not injured in the incident.

The three suspects fled the scene in an Jeep Grand Cherokee. An officer tried to perform a traffic stop on the vehicle but the driver failed to yield. A pursuit ensued and continued into Coachella where the SUV crashed into a home at the corner of Avenue 50 and Kenmore Street. 

Tim Venable was inside asleep with his family when the SUV crashed into his home he just moved into.

"I was sound asleep, heard a crash and realized there was something wrong," he said.

The SUV broke through what was his master bedroom and bathroom but thankfully, no one was sleeping in the room at the time. The SUV also damaged Venable’s truck that was sitting in the front yard at the time.

"By the time I got out, they had already gotten out of the car," said Venable. "These guys apparently moved pretty quick."

All three suspects fled the scene of the crash on foot. After arriving to the scene, Indio Police found a handgun and the stolen beer. Shortly after leaving the scene, police were able to track down the driver and one passenger, arresting them. The three will be charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy, felony evading, minor in possession of handguns, and several other charges. 

Police are still searching for one Hispanic male juvenile. All three of their identities are being withheld.