11-year-old Yucca Valley BMX racer headed to ‘Worlds’

11-year-old Yucca Valley BMX racer headed to ‘Worlds’


Off goes Kuylee Pettit, an 11-year-old BMX racer, who made the decision to start racing at just 8-years-old. Kuylee trains at the Yucca Valley BMX track and with only 3 ½ years of experience, she qualified for the 2017 UCI BMX World Championships on both her cruiser and class bikes.

"It’s over a week-long event and it’s in Rock Hill, South Carolina this year,” Pettit explained, “It’s the first time it’s been in the United States for 15-years.”

She also qualified for the State Games of America.

"The State Games of America is basically Olympics for the United States only,” Pettit said, “It’s every sport that’s in the Olympics, plus some."

Since she qualified for ‘Worlds’, she wasn’t going to go. Until she received an email saying she was chosen to carry the California State Flag at the opening ceremonies.

"It’s shocking because they could have chosen any sport and a girl of all things,” Kuylee explained. “But being a girl doesn’t change anything really, it’s just like being a girl in any other sport, and if you race boys, better, you can crash em’."

Kuylee has two chances of a lifetime within a week of each other. ‘Worlds’ are July 21st – July 28th and ‘The Games’ are August 3rd – August 6th.