Experts Warn About Dangers Of Illegally Making Honey Oil

Experts Warn About Dangers Of Illegally Making Honey Oil


Cathedral City, CA

Its a growing problem here in the desert and beyond. The Riverside County District Attorney’s office launched a campaign to warn residents about the dangers of illegal honey oil drug labs. 

Local fire fighters said they’ve been seeing more fires caused by illegal marijuana processing facilities.

"You have a grow facility and they use volatile chemicals to process the marijuana to make what’s referred to as honey oil, and because that’s an explosive gas, you get a very big fire very quickly," said Cathedral City Fire Department Battalion Chief Robert Allison. 

Kenneth Churchill, the CEO of West Coast Cannabis Club said concentrated cannabis like honey oil is in demand. 

"Its 30% to 40% of the market," Churchill said. "We have everybody from 21-80 years old who comes in and buys concentrates," he added, "We have veterans who are trying to combat PTSD."

Churchill said, while some people need it, trying to make this at home is not a good idea.

"It should be done by people who know what they are doing, not by people who are in non-ventilated rooms with butane and no experience," he emphasized.

Churchill wants to remind people to make sure you buy concentrates from a safe and legal source.