Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Banned in Palm Springs

Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Banned in Palm Springs


Palm Springs, CA

The city of Palm Springs passed a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers in the city because of noise and pollution.

Members of the audience in the city council meeting said:

"Would all the gardeners please stand so we may thank you and applaud for making palm springs. (applause)

"We have to keep people employed, this will not do it."

Gardeners are saying they can’t get the job done well without leaf blowers, leaving residents to answer if the noise is nuisance or necessary.

"They going to take away the noise because we’ve got pool equipment that’s too loud or air conditioner that’s too loud, where does it stop?" said Monty Poff of Palm Springs.

Louis Horvath said, "I ask you in the name of our health to consider all these factors, noise gas blowers, electric blowers, why not suction things to suck up all this stuff rather than all of the machines that blow it all over the place."

That left city leaders to decide on a full ban, just a gas-powered ban or no ban.

"We still allow leaf blowers which help with desert landscaping which helps us conserve water, but we get rid of the really highly polluting and awful gas ones," said Councilman Geoff Kors.

Mayor Rob Moon said, "This is going to add additional time and time is money, and time is not inexpensive in Palm Springs. A lot of our residents are retired and can’t afford another 50 or 60 dollars a month on their landscaping."

In a 3 to 2 vote city council members voted to allow electric, but ban gas-powered leaf blowers.

Juan Rosales owns RoseBush Gardening, and says electric doesn’t work as well.

"First we have to drive the course, 100, 200 feet long, and then use the other which is battery powered, doesn’t perform as much as possible as gas.

The new rules go in effect January 1st, 2019.