Residents and Businesses Celebrate National Hot Dog Day

Residents and Businesses Celebrate National Hot Dog Day


Palm Springs, CA

It’s national hot dog day and people here in the desert are loving every second of it. Tristan Gittens opened his hot dog shop, Frankinbun, a little over a year ago and says it makes him happy to know that he can share his favorite comfort food with the world. In fact, he’s already been features on the food network for his creative take on a classic comfort food.

"We have some fun things like chicken and waffles on a stick, which is a play on the chicken and waffle craze."

And they certainly don’t discriminate.

"We can do a vegan chile-dog and we can pretty much do a vegan version of any of our hot dogs."

Roxanne Milazzo, a hot dog lover shared her favorite parts about the Mexicali Hot Dog.

"The abundance, the crispiness of the bacon on a large, all beef, organic grass-fed dog…there’s nothing like it."

A dog that, with every bite, reminds Roxanne of nothing but good times.

"The combination of all the flavors, childhood memories, all the good things, fourth of July, all the carnivals, all these associations of hot dogs, bring it all back home."

Chains all over the desert are participating in today’s festivities, including Sonic, Hot Dog On A Stick, and Burger King.