Cathedral City High School Wrestling Coach Changing Lives

Cathedral City High School Wrestling Coach Changing Lives


Cathedral City, CA

Cathedral City High School’s head wrestling coach is giving lessons in the ring and in the classroom. He’s going above and beyond for his students. 

For these high school students, the pain of wrestling is worth it.

"You get butterflies in your stomach the first couple of times," Brandy Corona said. 

Another senior wrestler said wrestling is his number one. 

"Nothing else runs through my mind but wrestling," Jesus Lara explained.

Their motivation is all thanks to coach Jody Davis who transformed the program.

"I thought they were joking. I said, ‘Hey alright how much money do I have in my account to start with?’ and they said, ‘You’re minus $400,’" Davis said.

Through grants and fundraising, in one year he turned that into nearly $150,000 for the school’s athletic department for uniforms and equipment.

But he’s not just transforming the money, he’s changing lives.

One student, Alujandra Glindo was nearly failing all her classes before she joined the team. 

"I was hanging out with a really bad crowd and struggling with my grades," Glindo said.

Before coach Davis, Glindo didn’t think any teacher would go out of their way.

"My teacher in English, didn’t really help me with anything. So I was just kind of struggling by myself," she said.

Coach Davis proved her wrong.

"Every morning I’m here before school, going over assignments," Davis said about how he helps his students achieve good grades.

For Davis, it’s not about the money.

"It’s just so gratifying to me to be able to change one persons life," Davis said about why he volunteers his days, even when he doesn’t get paid.

Davis said it’s not just about wrestling, it’s about teaching his students that hard work pays off.