Action Continues to Cut Crashes on Section of 10 Freeway

Action Continues to Cut Crashes on Section of 10 Freeway


Coachella Valley Region

It’s a 30 mile stretch of road that seems to be a danger zone: the 10 Freeway from Dillon Road to Desert Center. Crashes have more than doubled from this time last year. 

"There’s been a spike in accidents out there, if we continue at this pace, we’ll be close to you know, 250, maybe even 300," says Terri Kassinga with Caltrans District 8. 

Caltrans says most of the crashes have been due to driver error.

"We want the drivers to be prepared and alert when they’re going through there a lot of this is the drivers not following all the laws being distracted that type of thing," says Kassinga. 

 Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, (D) CA – 56th District, ordered a detailed review of the accidents from the California Highway Patrol and Caltrans to try to come up with a solution. While the review is not complete but they’re already taking action.

Improvements include: repaving, rumble strips, reflectors, and warning signs for construction areas and the CHP has increased patrols and enforcement 

"The CHP and Caltrans I think their team put some very logical, next step opportunities to try to address some of these problems, very basic but at the same time very important," says Garcia.

Garcia says he wants to make sure his district gets its fair share of the state’s $5 billion dollars for road improvements because the region’s safety and economic growth depend on it, "We have to keep in mind that there are people traveling those roads there is good movement, commerce moving through those roads and we’ve got to do everything that we can to keep those roads safe." 

Caltrans agrees

"Those highways are for good movement and mobility for people for all users, we just want everybody to get through there safely and alive." says Kassinga.