Little League Has Nearly $6,000 Worth Of Equipment Stolen

Little League Has Nearly $6,000 Worth Of Equipment Stolen


Cathedral City, CA

The Central Valley Little League baseball team in Cathedral City was hit with a big loss, but it wasn’t on the field.

"It just looked ransacked. All the cabinets, all the doors were open. Everything was empty out on the floor, it was just ransacked," Jessica Olson, the president of the little league said. 

Olson said she believes someone busted into the equipment room Wednesday night. 

She said the thieves took about $6,000 dollars worth of equipment, including bats, gloves and baseballs. 

"It’s just shocking to think that people are going to take away from the kids and the community," Olson added

One of those kids is Nathan Williams. 

"I’m not a big sports person, but I really like baseball," Williams said.

Williams said he’s confused why anyone would do such a thing. 

"I was disappointed on how people would steal things that kids use to have fun," Williams said.

The team’s sound equipment system was also taken.

"Without any of that equipment we can’t play any of our games or do anything. They took everything that is essential to play baseball," Williams explained.

Parents and the coach couldn’t be more heartbroken.

Williams hopes whoever did this will return the equipment for kids like him. 

"I really enjoy playing baseball, but now that all the equipment is stolen, parents have to go out and spend that money that they probably don’t even have and buy bats and gloves so their kids can play."