Parents Frustrated Over Summer Closure Of Soccer Park

Parents Frustrated Over Summer Closure Of Soccer Park


Palm Desert, CA

School has been our for a few weeks now and some parents are running out of ideas to keep their kids busy. In Palm Desert, it doesn’t help that a popular soccer park is closed for a majority of the summer.

"You don’t want them sitting on the tablet all day long," said soccer dad Ivan Granados.

For parents in Palm Desert the summer shut down of Palm Desert Soccer Park presents a problem.

"They’ve been doing this for years, [they close] for like two months. My kids play club soccer, and rec soccer and last night they canceled our practice because they couldn’t find a field," said Granados.

Some are hoping for relief in the future.

"I keep telling my wife, someone should get smart and like the Get Air, they need to open like a huge indoor place where they put grass and have the kids rent that out. I think that would be tremendous," said Granados.

Landscapers say it takes about a month to re-grow grass on a field like Palm Desert Soccer Park. But the park will be closed for two months and the city says there is a reason for that.

"That is true it takes approximately thirty days to have new sod in place," said Ryan Stendell, director of community development with the city of Palm Desert. "However what we want to do is make sure that sod is healthy so what we’re doing is getting the sod up and ready but we’re also heavily fertilizing it so it’s not just baby sod, it’s grown in and it’s ready to take the abuse that it takes."

In the meantime, parents will have to make due.

"I think it’s a terrible time. That’s when they should have have access to all the parks," said Granados.