Parasitic Worm Found in Indio Couple’s Salmon

Parasitic Worm Found in Indio Couple’s Salmon


"It was a disgusting sight for sure," said an Indio man who wished to remain anonymous due to his profession. He and his wife found what appears to be a parasitic worm squirming in salmon on Saturday.  "That was the end of dinner before it even started," said the Indio man.

About 35 dollars worth of salmon fillet  was purchased from WinCo Foods in Indio just after 2:30pm. And then later, the man rushed to find his wife in the kitchen."Visible moving worms on the salmon that she was preparing on this very counter," explained the man.

The couple notified the store and immediately took the salmon in question back in about 15 minutes time. "Impossible for that entire case to be emptied, for the entire product to be pulled out of the case, for the case to be disinfected and be restocked; it was business as usual there," said the Indio man.

WinCo Foods in Indio did give the couple a 40 dollar gift card because they already trashed the receipt from the purchase.

KMIR News has reported about other apparent parasitic worms found in fresh fish, but the idea doesn’t settle well with this man. "I mean if you look it up online, it is unmistakable, it is in fact a parasitic tape worm that can infect humans, no doubt about it," said the man. Winco Foods in Indio has no comment on the situation; the cooperate offices of the company are closed over the weekend.