Monday Morning Rain Storm Drenches Valley Residents

Monday Morning Rain Storm Drenches Valley Residents


Palm Springs, CA

Valley Residents were in disbelief Monday morning as the sounds of trickling precipitation fell from the sky.

 "Oh my god, it’s raining this morning," said Facebook user, Gary Dorothy, who posted his reactions to the rain on his page Monday morning.

Another Palm Springs resident, Jim Esposito, woke up to the rare summer weather.

"All of the sudden, I hear in the house all these raindrops on the roof, it was loud," said Esposito. "Some lightning and thunder, so it was pretty cool."

At one point, heavy downpours were seen across the area, only lasting for seconds though. But it caused flooding at the Ramon Road and Farrell Drive intersection in Palm Springs. Thankfully there were no accidents after this mornings weather but safety officials say as Monsoon season approaches, dangers surrounding flooded roads could grow.

For many who were looking to wake up early for their morning exercise, their activities were postponed.

"We had to wait until it dried up a little bit before we got out and walked this morning," said Esposito.

He and his pup, Smokie, felt the difference as soon as they walked out the front door. It was a cool 86 degrees outside but humidity was at more than 50 percent.

"And I’m already sweaty, it might be cooler but it’s humid," he said.

After months of dry, stale heat, this mornings rain storm has quenched the valleys thirst for now.