Friends and Relatives Of Barbara Sinatra Reflect On Her Life

Friends and Relatives Of Barbara Sinatra Reflect On Her Life


Rancho Mirage, CA

Her name alone is enough to invoke feelings of nostalgia from the golden age of Hollywood. As the fourth wife of Frank Sinatra, Barbara Sinatra rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in show business. She was known as "Lady Blue Eyes." 

"You can’t not say that it is one of the prettiest looking women that ever was created," said Bill Marx, Sinatra’s nephew and son of comedian Harpo Marx. "She knew how to party. Not in excess but she knew how to party and she knew how to throw one."

It was a time where celebrities came to the desert to get away from the prying lenses of photographers. Those who were invited said the gatherings at the Sinatra compound were legendary.

"When you went there. You were treated with great respect and like royalty. If you were invited," Marx said.

Frank and Barbara Sinatra had many famous friends like Kirk Douglas who had a home in Palm Springs.

"I remember her being with Frank most. Frank, God bless him, he was a dear friend of the family, of all of us, but he wasn’t the easiest man to live with," said Joel Douglas, son of legendary actor Kirk Douglas.

Marx said Mrs. Sinatra was recently asked if she ever goes out anymore.

"And she said, ‘Only on two situations. One, if they are a really famous person. Or number two, if it’s all about me.’ I thought that was so cute," said Marx

For the people who had the honor of sitting back and enjoying a cocktail with Mrs. Sinatra, it was something they will not soon forget.

"We’re left with nothing but wonderful memories of her. Old Lady Blue eyes," said Marx.

Mrs. Sinatra was married to Frank Sinatra for almost 22 years before her husband’s death. She is survived by her son Bobby and one grand daughter.