La Quinta man completes ‘Ride Across America’

La Quinta man completes ‘Ride Across America’


La Quinta, CA

For the past 6 weeks, we’ve been following Randy Boyd, a La Quinta man and sexual abuse survivor.

He took off on his bike 40 days ago to ‘Ride Across America to Stomp Out Shame’ and be a voice for sexually abused males. Today, 2,300 miles later, he has arrived at his final destination, Beach Lake Pennsylvania.

"All the beauty of Pennsylvania did not let me forget the hills,” Boyd explained. “It was the hardest state I had to ride in, it really was. Pennsylvania is no joke when it comes to the hills."

The hills were no match for a guy and his bike on a mission.

"I did go through all four of my tires,” Boyd said. “I went through 24 tubes. Other than that, the bike is in excellent shape. Not one problem."

‘Go Randy Go’ was the hash tag trending throughout his ride but now that he has arrived, it’s changed.

"That new hash tag we’ve been doing is start the conversation,” Boyd said. “It’s a hard conversation to have but if men are going to be allowed to heal then they have to be allowed to start the conversation."