Opportunity Dominates Coachella State of the City

Opportunity Dominates Coachella State of the City


Coachella, CA

Everywhere you look you can see there’s a lot going on in the City of Coachella, construction in every phase. Mayor Steven Hernandez had a lot to be proud of in his state of the city address delivered at Spotlight 29 Casino to a room full of business and regional leaders. 

"We haven’t been able to be involved the tourism economy but that’s changing today, it’s a new day for the City of Coachella,," said Hernandez.

 The announcement of the city’s first hotel got big cheers. 

"It is our  first hotel within the City of Coachella, and the hotel is a major milestone for us because we are now going to be able to tap into what is a $7 billion tourism economy here in the Coachella Valley," said Hernandez.

And that’s not the only project. The city broke ground on a second medical marijuana facility, and coming soon, is a new library four times the size of the one old one which will house new educational programs for children and adults, also  a county social services building that will bring in 200 employees is in the works.  

But Hernandez says, the people who live there have to do their part too, and passed on the advice migrant farmworkers gave him when he worked in the fields as a little boy alongside his grandparents, "There are opportunities the change is very visible and I think on the other side of it is our residents need to prepare themselves as well, whether that be increasing educational attainment, whether that be  getting some job training."

Lisa DeLuna, who works for At Work Personnel, a local staffing agency says while there is opportunity, seasonal migrant workers do have some frustration as they try to move out of the fields, "Being able to find work trying to find that full time position that is not seasonal because a lot of it is seasonal because of agricultural."

Nachhattar Chandi, founder and C.E.O of Chandi Group U.S.A., who has been a long time investor in the city says he sees the changes and most of them are good, "I got good six seven acres in Coachella, I’ve got a $50 million project under construction, the future, I see a good future other than the marijuana, I’m against marijuana." 

But the mayor says everything is coming together for a bright future, "The city is known as ‘the City of Eternal Sunshine’ and we are fastly becoming ‘the city of eternal opportunity’.