Tiny Homes Popping Up in Palm Springs

Tiny Homes Popping Up in Palm Springs


Nestled in the Palm Canyon Mobile Club, a tiny village of tiny homes, it’s part of a tiny trend picking up big steam. "You really have your own pocket of Palm Springs," said Kevin Kemper, one owner of H3K Design.

A new concept in home ownership, downsize in dwelling size. Some homeowners calling a few hundred square feet home sweet home.

"The concept of living large in small places is trendy today, where people are kind of downsizing and realizing they don’t need as many belongings or as much space," said Kemper.

From the hype, a community of small per-fabricated homes are taking root among mobile homes.  "I think the long term goal for the community is putting more of these smaller, cooler homes in the park. Right now, there’s about half the spaces that are empty so these houses are going to put into those spots," explained Kemper.

The design in this home has gained national attention, so what exactly fits in about 650 square feet?  "It’s a one bed room, one bath, that has a great room living area and an open kitchen. So it opens out onto the deck, we like to think the outdoor area is part of the indoor area," said Howard Hawkes, another owner of H3K Design.

"We have 9-foot ceilings, we also have a lot of windows and clear stories. And for us in Palm Springs, we love color so aquas and oranges and yellows, really make it light and bright and airy," said Kemper.