Local Deputy Goes Under Knife to Save Former Colleague’s Son

Local Deputy Goes Under Knife to Save Former Colleague’s Son


Riverside County, CA

A Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy went under the knife to save the life of her former colleague’s son. 

After more than two years in the making, the day the Castleberry family has been praying for is finally here. The day their 3-year-old son Matthew gets a new kidney.

What makes this story so special is who the donor turned out to be. Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Alicia Lopez and Matthew’s mom, Angelina, worked together at the Palm Desert station. Angelina resigned to care for Matthew, a twin who had complications from a kidney valve disorder. 

After many disappointing setbacks, 14 surgeries, and no match, Deputy Lopez saw a post on Facebook and secretly went in to get tested. She turned out to be a rare crossmatch, even a better match than his mom. 

Surgeons at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital performed the lifesaving surgery. Kidney transplants typically take about three hours, and the hours and days after the surgery are the most critical. Matthew was all smiles before the surgery. This selfless gift touched many people, so they have a large group of supporters who are praying for a speedy recovery. 

The family did ask for prayers and has set up a You Care page if you want to help with the medical costs. You can donate to this life saving story here: Matthew’s Miracles