Barbara Sinatra Laid To Rest

Barbara Sinatra Laid To Rest


Palm Desert, CA

Barbara Sinatra, the fourth wife of legendary singer Frank Sinatra was laid to rest Tuesday afternoon at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City.

Funeral Services for Mrs. Sinatra were held at Sacred Heart Church in Palm Desert. The service was officiated by Father Howard Lincoln. Three eulogies were given during the service. The first by legendary actor Robert Wagner, the second by John Thoresen, director of the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center and the third by Sinatra’s daughter Carina Blakeley Marx. 

"She will last for ever because of good work that she has done. Today I’m going to celebrate her life. And an incredible life that she had," said Deana Martin, daughter of singer Dean Martin.

As the fourth wife of Frank Sinatra, Mrs. Sinatra used her celebrity to draw the deep pockets of her famous friends to help with her life’s passion. The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center. 

"It was always ‘Tommy I need you’. And how can you say no to Barbara Sinatra. It was always ‘Tommy I need you and it’s important. This is very important. It’s for the children Tommy’. And you said ‘yes of course," said comedian and friend Tom Dreesen. 

Mrs. Sinatra was described as relentless when it came to her fund raising ability. She apparently told Frank Sinatra that the children’s center was something that needed to be done. So Mr. Sinatra went out, did a few concerts, and helped raise the initial funds to get the center started.

"She has made a huge contribution to this valley and I would say the entire world because the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center is a leading center for abused children," said Melinda Read, Sinatra’s friend and widow of singer Frankie Randall.

"Barbara was a very bright woman and made sure she surrounded herself with people equally committed as herself," said Thoresen.

Barbara Sinatra raised awareness for child abuse in a way that no one had done before her. Her passion to help abused children lives on today in the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.    

"She was a beautiful, lovely, wonderful asset to any social engagement, but what she did to help the children of this community will see her into heaven if nothing else," said long time friend Ruta Lee.