Local Immigrants React To RAISE Act Proposal

Local Immigrants React To RAISE Act Proposal


Palm Springs, CA

President Donald Trump wants to make more changes out to our immigration system. The proposed legislation, called the RAISE act, would be merit based and favor skilled English speakers.

"This competitive application process would favor applicants who can speak English, financially support themselves and their families," President Trump said.

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Moussa Raei, an immigrant from Syria, became a citizen of the United States nearly 30 years ago. He has owned several businesses, including La Bonita’s in Palm Springs.

Raei said the proposed RAISE act isn’t fair.

"I didn’t speak much English when I came to this country, but I learned and went to school," Raei said.

He wants to remind people immigrants like himself help fuel the valley.

"We need those people to come in and help the restaurants, the hotels, all the service industry and without them we really cannot function," he said. 

We currently have a lottery system to enter the United States. The RAISE act, which is just a proposal right now, would create a points-based system to earn a green card. It would also cut the number of legal immigrants allowed into the U.S. by half.