Drivers Get Caught in Flood Waters

Drivers Get Caught in Flood Waters


Cathedral City, CA

It started with Lightning and thunder, then turned into torrential rainfall across the Coachella Valley. Inches of rain caused a flood of concerns for drivers especially at the intersection of Ramon Road and Palm Blvd.

"It took me just a tenth of a second when I was going right through the middle of the puddle, I realized, I shouldn’t have came this way," said Reggie Autrey, who lives in Cathedral City.

Autrey is now car-less after he drove into flood water as he was heading to work Thursday morning. During the KMIR Today morning live broadcast, Autrey was caught on camera making the risky attempt.  

"I was committed so it was either go through it fast, go through it slow," Autrey said. "I figured if I went through it slow, I could make it but as you can see, it didn’t happen."

Around four this morning, another driver had even worse luck. His Nissan stalled out, leaving him stranded as water rushed inside of his car. Thankfully he was uninjured but he’s now worried about the damage to his car.

Throughout Thursday morning, car after car took a chance of going into unknown waters leftover from the overnight storms.

"It’s not smart, it’s really not, why would you risk it, risk your property," said Christin Quevdo, a local tow truck driver.

Quevdo saved the morning several times as he responded to several reports of cars stranded due to heavy rains. But in some situations, he was hesitant…

"When I drove by, I was scared myself because I didn’t know how deep it was," said Quevdo.

His best piece of advice is to simply just turn around and wait for the high waters to recede.

"That’s a wise thing to do right there, unless you have a truck like some people, and you wanna be a tough guy," he said.