Shooting Victim Wants Cathedral City Bar Shut Down

Shooting Victim Wants Cathedral City Bar Shut Down


Cathedral City, CA

Michael Avila is recovering in the hospital after being shot twice. He and his wife  Rae-Ann Rose believe he’s only alive through divine intervention 
"I’m not lucky, I’m just blessed, I’ve been through a lot," says Michael.  

"My mom passed away nine years ago and I’m sure that’s why she was definitely looking out for us that night," says Rae-Ann Rose.

That night, July 26th, was supposed to be a celebration at the Block Bar and Grill in Cathedral City. Instead,  his wife’s birthday ended in gunshots after he says a group of men picked a fight with him out of nowhere. Then … 

"I noticed the door was open and the guy came in with a gun already drawn. I was hit in my hand and my side ended up crawling all the way to the kitchen because I didn’t know if he was going to shoot me over the counter." says Michael.  

Police say this business has been plagued by violence, so much so, they patrol this place more often than most, this year alone they’ve had 20 calls for service there. Six of those were fights and in March two were hurt in a shooting in the parking lot. It’s also where last year a man was robbed and beaten so severely he fell into a coma and later died.

Michael says extreme measures should be taken before more people get hurt or killed, "For that many incidents to be at that same spot, and nothing happen, they deserve to be shut down."

His wife says an employee called them to let them know they’d be holding a fundraiser for them and two children on Monday. While she’s grateful, "The fundraiser will be there but we will not be there. It’s too risky."