Family Speaks Out About Desert Hot Springs Drowning

Family Speaks Out About Desert Hot Springs Drowning


Desert Hot Springs, CA

An 8-year-old boy has drowned in a Desert Hot Springs resort swimming pool.

Family members tell KMIR News he was Isaac Moore of Desert Hot Springs, a student at Cabot Yerxa Elementary School. "Isaac was swimming and the next thing you know he was drowning," said his Great-Aunt, Juanita Price. "Isaac was the love of the family, he was very gentle, he loved football, he loved his brother, his sister and his mom;  he was just a precious child,” said Juanita Price.

Many family members and friends were celebrating a Sweet 16 at the Vista Ventana Spa & Resort.  Isaac arrived arrived only minutes before the tragedy. “He had been in the pool probably for a couple of minutes, he’d only been there for a span of time for 10 minutes, but in those 10 minutes somehow he drowned. What I gained from this, is as parents we really have to be vigilant,” said Isaac’s Great-Uncle, Samuel Price. Issac’s family is speaking out now, in hopes of preventing this from happening to another family.  “There were lots of people out, there were lots of parents out, there were lots of children in the pool, some young people, teenagers and things in the pool but somehow no one noticed this was happening,” said Samuel Price.

“It hurts anytime I have to hear about a drowning that could have been prevented, which in most cases, many of them could have been avoided,” said Aquatic Safety Expert Rene Hickey.

Hickey encourages swimmers to use what she calls a designated pool watcher. “Even in a public larger place where there’s multiple people if no one is around the pool to hear or see us; we’re alone,” said Hickey. “Even though they’re there for fun, that water can be dangerous and that accidents can happen,” said Hickey.

Isaac would have been in third grade this coming school year. His family has started a fund for funeral expenses