Construction on I-10 Section Plagued With Crashes

Construction on I-10 Section Plagued With Crashes


Desert Center, CA

Caltrans has been busy with construction from Cactus City to State Route 177. As part of the $95 million Interstate -10 Rehabilitation Project they’re restoring 124 lane miles of pavement. In addition to some ramps being affected from now until the end of the month, only one lane will be open in each direction 24 hours a day in that area.

 And while drivers are always asked to be  careful in construction zones, the area has been plagued with crashes, they’ve more than doubled from this time last year, that’s why the CHP is asking drivers in that area to be extra alert.

"There’s workers in the area sometimes, the configuration of the roadway is a little bit different, sometimes you have new asphalt it can change the way that your vehicle performs maybe than you’re used in normal conditions so we just want them to be a little extra cautious," says Sergeant Daniel Hesser.

 The CHP says they’re being proactive on that stretch of road.

"It’s something we’re we are obviously concerned about, we’re doing everything we can as far as stepping up enforcement and there’s now going to be a reduced speed limit in the area when construction is occurring, it’s going to be down to 55 miles an hour in those construction zones," says Hesser.  

Caltrans says they’ve increased construction zone warning signs to alert drivers.

Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, (D-Coachella) has also ordered a study from Caltrans on the increased accidents to come up with solutions.