You Ask. We Investigate. ® Palm Springs Hotel Owner Concerned About Lack of Crosswalks

You Ask. We Investigate. ® Palm Springs Hotel Owner Concerned About Lack of Crosswalks


Palm Springs, CA

A hotel owner in the outskirts of downtown Palm Springs reached out to KMIR about the need for more crosswalks in the area. 

Gabbi Rose is the new owner of the old Casita Laquita hotel in Palm Springs. 

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"It sounded so loud for being such a small highway, and I went outside and looked at it and thought people really tear through here. They’re taking that turn really fast," Rose said. 

The City of Palm Springs said the bend can be dangerous.

"The curve is certainly a problem, having a sharp curve like that on a major street," the assistant city manager, Marcus Fuller, said. 

Rose said since she’s moved to Palm Springs, she’s seen multiple accidents near her hotel.

"I’ve seen cars over turned outside. I’ve seen three major car accidents since I’ve been here," Rose said. 

Rose said her hotel is now planning on opening in September, and her guests’ safety is her biggest concern.

"There’s a lot of traffic and there’s not a lot of pedestrians, but the one’s that we do have, it’s not well lit. there’s nowhere to cross and so people are just running across the street," Rose explained about how often people J-walk.

The City of Palm Springs said they are now planning on fixing the road and making it more pedestrian friendly.

"We’re looking at warrants for additional traffic signals, pedestrians signals and constructing a new median island that would provide a safe refuge for pedestrians who do cross the street," Fuller said about what they plan on changing.

CVAG is funding the project that will cost about $1.7 million. They are hoping to fix several areas along South Palm Canyon Drive and East Palm Canyon Drive. The city says they are aiming to start construction within the next year.