UPDATE: Hospital Honors Twins Who Beat the Odds

UPDATE: Hospital Honors Twins Who Beat the Odds


Loma Linda, CA

When Angelina Castleberry was pregnant with twins Matthew and Callia there were many complications, especially for little Matthew. 

"The doctors had done some procedures but they were very concerned," said Kathy McMillan, with Loma Linda University Medical Center, adding they weren’t sure if they would end up harming one twin to help another.

Angelina says they prepared the family for the worst, "They said they would never survive, none of them would survive, that there was no way, there was no way." 

But Angelina found hope in a display known as the "I AM" wall at Loma Linda University Medical Center. In her darkest moments she would walk down a hallway and stare at pictures of the patients and employees who were part of the inspirational display, and read their amazing stories. 

"She had announced to her OBGYN doctor one day, ‘Someday, my children’s picture will be in the hallway here,’" says McMillan. 

At birth Matthew’s condition grew worse. He needed a kidney transplant to survive. Two years of surgeries, dialysis and failed matches later, in comes a familiar hero to save thee day, her former co-worker, Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Alicia Lopez. She and three-year-old Matthew were a perfect. Without hesitation, Deputy Lopez gave Matthew her kidney. 

"He was transplanted on Monday and his surgery went very well," says McMillan to applause. 

On Wednesday the hospital held a ceremony to reveal the new faces of hope, among them: Matthew and Callia Castleberry. We’ve all heard a picture can say everything without words.

To Angelina, this image tells the story of an answered prayer, "It’s amazing, we knew it would happen, we knew, there they are," says Angelina through happy tears.