La Quinta Resident Returns Home From Bike Across America

La Quinta Resident Returns Home From Bike Across America


La Quinta, CA

We have followed La Quinta resident and sexual abuse survivor Randy Boyd throughout his Ride Across America to Stomp Out Shame in sexually abused males. After 40 days on the road, pedaling over 2,000 miles, he is now home.

If you ever wondered what it took to ride a bike across America, Randy Boyd could tell you. "It takes grit, determination, and courage," he says.

It was a dream he had 5 years ago. That dream is now fulfilled, and he can’t believe it. "Coming from where I’ve come from where I didn’t believe I was capable of doing this kind of stuff. I’m still letting it sink in and it hasn’t hit me yet."

A 60-year-old man who was on a mission to spread the message of hope and healing to sexually abused males on two wheels. "The bike didn’t have a flaw in it, 24 flat tires, 11 in two days, but the bike I didn’t have any problems with it," he says.

Flat tires, weather, traffic, and up hill climbs couldn’t stop him. "The hard days I said ‘Man I don’t know if I can keep doing this’ but I never said I wanted to quit. Never. Think of all the people, all the men and boys you’re doing this for. The struggles they go through on a daily basis just trying to live just trying to survive and become the man they are supposed to be. If you quit, you’re not quitting on yourself, you’re quitting on them," said Boyd.

Randy encountered hundreds of people on his trip, but the number doesn’t matter.

"The number wasn’t important to me, it was the message. Whether it was one person or a thousand people, it didn’t matter because the message was hope and healing. One person was going to be a ripple and that’s all that mattered," says Boyd.

And just when you thought he’d put his bike away for a while now that he’s home, "Nope, it was put away for a week and a half for the drive home. That was it so the bike’s not going away. I’ve gotta keep going because there are more rides in the future we’re planning."

Randy does see another bike trip in his future, but for now he plans to focus on opening a place to help sexually abused males start the conversation.