Desert Drag Queen Hangs Up Headdress

Desert Drag Queen Hangs Up Headdress


"Pinkie Meringue Shimmer, my boy name is Larry Edwards," said the retired entertainer.  After 13 years, Pinkie has made her final curtain call; hosting a yard sale on Saturday to depart with stage costumes in Palm Springs. 

While drag is a whole lot of show, it also is a lot of soul. "I’ve lived with HIV for 20 years and I have about 2,000 hours in with Desert Aids Project as Pinkie as a fundraiser and I’m there as a boy every week.

It’s a journey more than a decade in the making. "The make-up was awful. And then Kevin said I couldn’t sing or dance and needed a gimmick so that’s when the headdresses were born," said Edwards. "I was joking with him and said you know what, he can’t sing and he cant dance so how is he gonna do this. Everybody has to have a gimmick, right, so I came up with incorporating the lyrics of the song into the headpiece," said Edward’s husband and headdress designer, Kevin Baar.  And so the Queen of the Headdress was born.  Those headdresses are now heading to Hollywood. "A production company did come in and the boss said I want them all," said Baar.

And Pinkie’s persona will live on in Palm Springs.  "I want people to remember more so Pinkie for my volunteer work and what I’ve done in the community. Now I love the shows and they’re great to entertain people but the most important thing to us is helping raise awareness of HIV," said Edwards.