Daughter of Palm Desert Mayor Is Safe In Barcelona

Daughter of Palm Desert Mayor Is Safe In Barcelona


Palm Desert, CA

The effects of the terror are being felt right here at home, Palm Desert Mayor Jan Harnik asked herself a question all parents fear- is my daughter safe? Thankfully, the answer was yes. Mayor Harnik’s daughter was in Barcelona just blocks away from Las Ramblas, where the attack happened.

Mayor Harnik told us that, as a mother, she was torn for several reasons. Initially it was not knowing if her daughter was okay, and later it became not being able to be by her daughter’s side to comfort her.

All of this came just hours after a driver rammed his van into dozens of people walking in “Las Ramblas” which is one of Barcelona’s most popular streets for tourists and locals to walk through. Mayor Harnik admits that she is aware that senseless acts can happen at any time, but that didn’t make things any easier for her.

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"At that moment your heart pounds, your stomach sinks, and I say oh my god is my child okay.”

Making for an emotional day for the Mayor and her family.

“It’s frightening, it’s helpless, it’s hard to describe the pain that you feel at that moment.”

A pain that continued to grow and left her with one burning question.

“Is my daughter okay, is she okay?”

Until, of course, her forever little girl messaged mom to let her know she was safe.

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“I get this from her…just wanted to tell you that I love you and I said thank you, I love you too. Thank god for nap takers, because she had chosen to go back to her room to take a nap…”

A nap that saved her from experiencing the deadly terror attack that unfolded. Interestingly enough, Mayor Harnik is a seasoned veteran when it comes to goodbyes because her kids love traveling.

“Every time my kids leave, my heart is a little frightened. I don’t say anything. I try to encourage them to travel. They are better people for traveling and, we have to be honest, after we saw all of the hateful acts recently in Charlottesville, we know it can happen anywhere."

She also adds that it very important to always tell loved ones they matter.

“Go home and hug your loved ones, just give the, a hug and let them know you love them.”