Local Meets Hero In Viral Commercial

Local Meets Hero In Viral Commercial


Indio, CA

Chris Grebe of Indio, said WWE wrestler John Cena got him through his darkest days. In a viral commercial for Cricket Wireless, Grebe had the chance to meet Cena.

"Dear john, you have heard it thousands of times, but you deserve to hear it a thousand more. Thank you. Never give up. Those words repeated in my head because you were my light in a decade of darkness," said John Cena as he read a thank you letter from Grebe in the commercial.

Grebe said Cena was a role model fore him. 

"He helped me through my dad, then he helped me through my mom when I was 19. He helped me through being pretty much homeless when I was 20," Grebe explained.

He said Cena’s attitude changed his own.

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"Those words just kind of rang in me. The ‘never give up’ for a long time," Grebe said.

Grebe said Cena was unknowingly there for him when he needed it most.

"John Cena was going for his first WWE title, and then my dad ended up passing away a week before," Grebe said.

At 19-years-old, Grebe lost his mother.

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"She ended up getting diagnosed with cancer on my birthday in 2009, and she passed away two months later," he said.

But Cena’s motto pushed him through it all, and even inspired him to be a pro wrestler. 

Grebe got to personally thank Cena in the commercial.

"Going out to say ‘Hi’ to him was like walking through this… time just slowed down, and everything you’ve ever went through builds up to this moment," Grebe said about getting to meet his idol.

He said getting to say thank you meant the world. 

"Find that thing that makes you say, ‘Okay its dark in here, but I’m going to get through it, and you’ll make it through it if you never give up," Grebe said.