Autistic Superhero Created By Autistic Author

Autistic Superhero Created By Autistic Author


Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs Comic Con is in full swing. There are hundreds of comics to purchase, but one of them is different from the others.

"He gets this magical glove that gives him super powers, but it has a strange relationship to him," explained "The Glove" author, Paul Graham. 

Graham’s story is one on its own. When he was one years old, doctors suspected he had a severe form of autism. 

"Some said that I was definitely on the spectrum and I had some hope. Other’s said I wouldn’t say more than 24 words in my entire life," Graham said about his diagnosis.

But at 25-years-old he’s speaking way more than 24 words. He’s writing comic books.

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"I speak into the computer and it writes down what I say, and the editor goes in to make sure is grammatically correct."

Raymond Onglengco is the owner of Beyond Red Wave Arts. Onglengco helped bring Graham’s comic books to life. 

"Through the internet he’s able to work with artists way across the globe. He has an artist in the Philippines."

Graham said the story of "The Glove" has been in him his whole life.

"It’s about a boy who has learning disabilities and is very similar to me when it comes to being on the spectrum," Graham said.

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Graham’s girlfriend has an autistic brother. She said she couldn’t be more proud of the example he’s setting. 

"To show people there’s hope and to stay optimistic is very useful to get by challenges and differences in life," said Rhiannon Wademan.

For Graham, comics helped him overcome his challenges.

"Using my imagination to see other peoples point of view helped me a lot to be able to communicate," he said.

Graham said he wants others to know that anything is possible.

"Always keep on going. If things look tough, find another way around it. There’s multiple situations and always try to be creative," he said.