Fans Swelter in Full Costume for Palm Springs Comic Con

Fans Swelter in Full Costume for Palm Springs Comic Con


Fans brave a heatwave, in full costume, for Palm Springs Comic Con on Sunday.

"It’s getting a little heated," said Israfel Loukas, who wore a character onesie.  "Props are like, they start to get damaged after a while because they welt in the heat," explained Katey Brown while wearing a burlesque villain original design. "I’m already a little sweaty," said Paige Ratchford as she arrived to the venue in her wig and costume.  "Oh my goodness, it’s really hot," said one mom from Indio, who dressed as super heroes with her family.

Dedicated cosplayers have been designing their ensembles for hours. Brown and Kate Beld said they spent over 155 hours combined on their costumes. While Elsa Lynch said she invested 260 dollars.

Loukas dressed as a Rilakkuma Bear. Brown and Beld coordinated their burlesque Harley Quinn and Joker costumes. Ratchford dressed as a ‘drunk Yuri’ from "Yuri on Ice." Lynch cosplayed as May from Overwatch.

While the event is indoors, cosplayers still took heat precautions.  "I pack lots of water, lots of water and I like to go like this and insulate my costume a few times,"  said Loukas.  "When we originally designed it, they had long sleeves and these capes and stuff ,but we live in southern California so of course, we’re not going to continue with that plan. It was really hot," said Brown.

Despite the heat wave, the fun carried on. "Oh my goodness, its so much work but its worth it in the end just so the girls can grow up knowing that as a family its really important to stay together and always get dressed up," said one Indio mom.