Students Brace Themselves For Heat Wave

Students Brace Themselves For Heat Wave


La Quinta, CA

The temperatures in the Coachella Valley this week are close to record breaking and students across the valley are trying to learn and stay cool at the same time. 

"Its an experience. Walking to school in the morning is kind of gross. I mean, you come to school all sweaty. I don’t really enjoy it," said La Quinta High School junior Abby Lopez.

"It really sucks coming in this heat. Just knowing that I’m going to have to be outside and do band practice after school," said La Quinta High School junior  Kayleigh Perez.

"It makes us tired, it wears us out. But the school has given us opportunities and they equip us with water from the hydration station, and other things to help us prepare for this heat," said Frank Sanders, a senior at La Quinta High School.

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School administrators are well aware of the challenges.

"The teachers, the administrators, the principles, the coaches, we’re all out there making sure the children are safe," said Mary Perry, public information officer for the Desert Sands Unified School District.

The La Quinta High School football team had a light practice today. They kept the helmets on but lost the pads. When temperatures reach upwards of 110 degrees, water breaks are mandatory every 20 minutes.

"All of our coaches are very well trained on how to handle any kind of heat related problems, to see if they see anything that looks could look like it’s going to happen. They know what to look for in a student," said Perry.

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The band at La Quinta High School is also taking precautions. They practiced indoors today and marched in the shade when possible. But last week there were a few problems. 

"Two of the girls were throwing up and a lot of the kids don’t really eat or stay hydrated. So that’s a really big issue we have with the band too, being outside," said Lopez.

The signs of extreme heat can be seen all over campus.

"I see lot s of pit stains, lots of sweat stains, I see a lot of that around school. Sweating as well. Getting lots of water. Everyone has a water bottle at school," said Perez.

The school principal has ultimate authority when it comes to how students should carry on at school during the heat. At La Quinta High School, the gymnasium was opened during the lunch period today. Some teachers also opened their classrooms to their students. All in an effort to keep them cool and focused on their work.