Gas Hike Before Labor Day Weekend

Gas Hike Before Labor Day Weekend


Palm Desert, CA

Gas prices are going up in California but it is not because of Hurricane Harvey. In fact, we don’t get our supply from the Texas gulf coast region. Which means these prices have all to do with Labor Day weekend, but Christopher Dumler says that’s not right and he isn’t alone.

"I have to have it, but just because I have to have it, doesn’t mean I have to enjoy paying the bill."

As labor day weekend approaches, stress is going down and gas prices are going up. In the Texas Gulf Coast, some refineries there are shut down and trucks can’t get in to deliver gasoline, but Auto Club Spokesperson Doug Shupe says California drivers are in the clear.

"California drivers won’t see much of an impact from this storm because California does not get its supplies from the Gulf Coast, we get them from Alaska, California and other regions."

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He told us the six cent increase comes as folks go on a short vacations to celebrate.

"The increase is due to increased demand….people filling up and getting in those final Labor Day weekend road trips."

Nevertheless, while this gas hike isn’t due to the devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused, gas customers, like Michael Fitzgerald, aren’t happy.

"I think it will detours some, people who are economically challenged…this will definitely deter them and I don’t think that’s right.

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However, Sheila Weissberger told us she’s grateful she can fill up her tank. 

"I like it when gas is cheap but I am very thankful that I can get gas."

Brenda Alexander adds that, like other hikes, this too shall pass.

"It’s not like it happens every day, just long weekends and then it averages out. That’s business."