100-lb Donut Delights in the Desert

100-lb Donut Delights in the Desert


Palm Desert, CA

Guests at the J.W. Marriott Desert Hot Springs Resort & Spa had something to sink their teeth into: a 100 pound donut.  It’s a sight that could put a glazed look in anyone’s eyes. "It looks like unreal, it look like its fake, it looks so amazing," said one hotel guest from Australia.

The donut takes the strength of 3-4 people to move. While the chefs aren’t sure if it is record breaking, it appears to be the desert’s largest donut. "I couldn’t find a donut of this proportion anywhere on the planet. So maybe we should have brought Guinness (World Records) in just to see if we’re actually making a record here today," said Executive Chef, Peter Smith.

On the list on ingredients- "20-140 eggs, 15-20 pounds or raw and white sugar, 4 gallons to 6 gallons of milk. That’s not involving the 15- 20 pound of foundant and then the 6-8 pounds of royal icing," estimated Smith. 

And for the taste buds, "Jelly, of course, so we definitely have a light layer of raspberry jam in there, a little bit of vanilla chiffon cake, as well as the strawberry glaze and the finish is a coffee liqueur that we sprayed on the outside," said Executive Pastry Chef, Dominique Valenzuela.

It’s all part of a "donut disturb" room package, in which guests will be treated to 10 pound donut delivered to their room.

"I’m so excited because it’s giving our hotel so much needed attention and to show people what we have here," said Chef Leslie Vondra.